A Day in the Life of an Animal Trainer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Animal Trainer? Do you want to learn how to train animals? Have a glimpse on our Animal Trainer’s daily routine!

First thing in the morning the moment they arrive, what they do is check on each animal if they’re doing well. Once they know everyone is well, they proceed to husbandry which involves cleaning of their habitat and taking care of the needs of the animals. Food preparation is also under the husbandry. They distribute enough amount of food for each animal. After all these, each trainer will split off into their assigned location for the day. Some may be spending the day with the birds while others may be with the sea lions, penguins and other animals inside Manila Ocean Park.

Throughout the day, Animal Trainers are also show presenters and usually busy on daily shows, such as Sea Lion Show and All Star Bird Show. They make sure that all the animals are in good condition and are able to perform well during the shows.  

Their afternoon routine is just a repetition of the morning routine – checking of the animals, cleaning their habitat and feeding them once more. There’s sure a lot of work in being an Animal Trainer!

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