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Get to Know Our Most Famous Sea Lions!

One thing you must see when you visit Manila Ocean Park is the Sea Lion Show. Sea lions are some of the most adorable creatures you’ll ever find in the sea. But, they are often mistaken as Seals because they looked very much alike but, sea lions actually have bigger front flippers and can also turn their back flippers which the seals cannot do.
In Manila Ocean park, you will see 5 South American Sea Lions who came all the way from Chile, South America. Let me introduce you to them!

First up, we have Sandra, one of the eldest but the sexiest sea lion that we have! She has very suave moves that make our guests dance with groove. Next, we have Icis! Our eldest female sea lion and the prettiest of them all. Icis has a nice smile that melts the heart of everyone. Our youngest and cutest sea lion is Ira. Since she is the youngest, she is also the naughtiest. All the sea lions that we have are smart, but the smartest is Yeni. She’s the most diligent out of everyone as per the trainers. And last but not the least! Our one and only male sea lion,;; Vincent. He is very handsome according to our guests and the heaviest, but also one of the most diligent.

Are you curious as to how they are fed? Well, our sea lions are fed regularly based on their diet that is approved by our veterinarian.  We usually feed them anchovies, squid and sardines. Aside from that, we also give them vitamins to make them stronger and healthier.

Manila Ocean Park’s Sea Lion Show is designed for both the young and the old, because everyone will definitely learn something and have fun at the same time. This show does not only highlight the special skills of our sea lions, but it also discusses a little about environmental conservation. And who knows? You may be chosen to participate in the show!

Now that you have met virtually our sea lions, why don’t you see and watch them in person? I know they are waiting and excited to meet you! So, when you visit Manila Ocean Park, don’t forget to watch our Sea Lion Shows! We have 3 shows daily at 11 am, 3 pm and 5 pm. See you!


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