Oceans Color Run 2018

Last October 1, 2018, Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2o Employees dashed with colors during a 3KM run around Luneta Park. Everyone geared up early for a heart-pumping, muscle-burning and lung-screaming-for-air event day!

The program started with an Opening Remarks by Mr. Francis Low, EVP and COO of Manila Ocean Park, followed by Mr. Ronald Baniqued, Head of Security, for the Oath of Sportsmanship.

Excitement grew further as employees showed-off their best grooves during the Zumba warm-up session. Next is a display of colors that quickly filled the air which signalled the start of the race.

Everyone had a blast running with their faces, shirts, and shoes covered with a variety of colors while sporting groovy sunglasses!

What made the Ocean’s ColoRun 2018 extra fun and special, was the challenging obstacle course that runners have to go through before reaching the finish line. It was truly a test of strength and endurance yet equally exciting and memorable for all participants.


The Ocean’s ColoRun 2018 is a project of Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2o. It aims to promote health and wellness, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among all its employees.


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