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Reptile Report: New Basilisk Lizards at the World of Creepy Crawlies


Two of the six Basilisk Lizards that hatched last October 28.

There are new babies at Manila Ocean Park! These babies are from our pair of lizards that are known to have the ability to walk on water, the Basilisk Lizards. There were thirteen Basilisk Lizard eggs, but last October 28, 2016, six of these eggs came to life. They hatched after two months of being placed in vermiculite soil which gave them nutrients and minerals while they were still inside their egg shell. Right now, the seven remaining eggs are expected to hatch soon.


Basilisk Lizard eggs waiting to be hatched.

Come and visit the World of Creepy Crawlies to know more about Basilisk Lizards and other insects. We hope to see you soon!

Manila Ocean Park’s banner CSR program is called “I LOVE MY OCEAN PLANET”. A campaign that encourages volunteerism, public education and community mobilization activities designed to increase public awareness and action on coastal management issues and instill pride in our country’s natural resources. It is an expanded responsibility of stewardship not only with marine biodiversity but also with other creatures who are dependent on the wellness of the ocean.

Manila Ocean Park is fully aware of its obligation to reach a broad public and impart necessary information relevant to current environmental issues. It is our aim that the “Back to the Wild” Release program will be a step in the right direction for marine education and conservation. We hope that more people will do their share in ensuring the future generations will be able to enjoy and see these fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

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